Peter Kaminsky; author, “The Moon Pulled Up An Acre Of Bass”

A great interview with author, chef and fly angler Peter Kaminsky.  In 2001, Peter published the ever popular “The Moon Pulled Up An Acre of Bass” about his time in Montauk during the epic fall run.   We talk about this book, his famed meals, how he got into angling, his stories of Jack Hemingway and you won’t want to miss the story about who the strange neighbor was of a gumbo chef Peter met down in the Bayou.  We wrap up talking about his hand in both the Gershwin and Mark Twain Prizes – and the state of the Striped Bass fishery.

Our Fishing Lives – Author, Poet & Guide; Chris Dombrowski Our Fishing Lives Podcast

A conversation with acclaimed author, poet and Montana fly fishing guide, Chris Dombrowski.We look back at his days growing up and fishing in Michigan, geeking out with In-Fisherman, to guiding his clients on a drift boat in Montana, we talk fishing, flies, and life.  From his award winning work "Body of Water" – and the lessons learned along the way.  From bonefish flats to his lasting relationship with renowned author, Jim Harrison.  Chris is equal parts insightful, honest and witty as only a writer can be. 
  1. Our Fishing Lives – Author, Poet & Guide; Chris Dombrowski
  2. Our Fishing Lives – Author and Angler David Coggins; "The Optimist"
  3. Our Fishing Lives – Artist and Fly Fisherman; Derek DeYoung
  4. Our Fishing Lives – Capt. Mike Roy; Reel Cast Charters
  5. Our Fishing Lives – Anthony DeiCicchi from On The Water Magazine

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