Ben Carmichael Author, Angler, Photographer

Ben with a portly Atlantic Salmon. The smile says it all.

Ben Carmichael is a fly fishing writer and photographer. He is a senior contributor to The Drake, and his work has been published in Fly Fisherman, Chasing Silver, The Fly Fish Journal, Eastern Fly Fishing, Swing the Fly, The Atlantic Salmon Journal, The Boston Globe, On the Water, and more. He maintains a website called New England on the Fly and has edited a few books, including a few on Atlantic salmon. Ben has a background in environmental work; he currently serves on the board of the Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA), previously served on the Angler’s Circle for the American Museum of Fly Fishing (AMFF), and has worked for environmental nonprofits, after getting a masters in environmental science. He grew up the son of a bamboo rod maker and vintage tackle dealer, chasing salmon in Canada, stripers in Maine, and trout in the Catskills. He currently lives in Carlisle, Mass, with a stream running through his backyard that he dreams of stocking with brook trout. 

Our Fishing Lives – Author, Poet & Guide; Chris Dombrowski Our Fishing Lives Podcast

A conversation with acclaimed author, poet and Montana fly fishing guide, Chris Dombrowski.We look back at his days growing up and fishing in Michigan, geeking out with In-Fisherman, to guiding his clients on a drift boat in Montana, we talk fishing, flies, and life.  From his award winning work "Body of Water" – and the lessons learned along the way.  From bonefish flats to his lasting relationship with renowned author, Jim Harrison.  Chris is equal parts insightful, honest and witty as only a writer can be. 
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