Every Rod has a purpose.

Our Fishing Lives is the podcast on all things angling for the Northeast and beyond, from boat and kayak to shore angling, trout streams to Montauk.

Listen to well-known perspectives from the very best at what they do on the water; art, photography, authors, columnists, rod makes, fly tiers, scientists, guides, spin fisherman to fly anglers.

My focus more so then “how to / where to” – I’m more intrigued by the people, characters, travels and and their stores.

I’ve learned you never know without asking where you’ll unearth fascinating stories and thoughts, like how certain people knew it was more than a hobby or when it dawned on them that this pursuit of fish isn’t just about the fish really at all. It’s about the connections, the brotherhoods, the friends and the memories.

We’ll share laughs and commiserate over the ones that get away.

We’ll debate what is the allure of fishing – what is it that keeps us all coming back? And why having gone through a ban of strippers once not so long ago, are we back at that conversation tipping point again? What is it about life that we can’t sustain resources which bring us joy?

In this weekly Podcast series, we’ll talk with a range of guests. You can find the Podcast to listen where you get your podcasts; (Apple, iTunes, Spotify, Google).

From False Albacore and Stripers, to Tog, Fluke and Seabass, to Pelagic species and Mahi, to ocean surfcasting and light tackle in hidden creeks you can explore from the kayak. The Northeast is a great fishery in both fresh and salt. From the Canyons, to the Cape Cod Canal, to the Brewster flats, to Rockaway, the Norwalk Islands, to Fisher’s Island, the CT River, Block Island, Montauk, the Farmington River to Atlantic Salmon fishing.

I’ll cover a spectrum that fascinates me and my aim is that I hope it fascinates you too. Light up that Cigar, or whatever you’ve rolled, enjoy your whiskey and kick back.

Special thanks to my wife who has helped me focus on launching this Podcast – I can’t thank her enough.

Migratory striper than fell for a Half & Half working slowly back. on a strip followed by a long pause. (Photo @edtack99)