Lessons & Guiding

At Our Fishing Lives podcast, we want to be a resource for our listeners; offering instruction for men, women and children. I also can be booked for speaking engagements and presentations about salt or freshwater fly fishing.

Whether you’ve always wanted to fish the Cape Cod Canal, sight cast the Brewster Flats, or simply learn how to become more efficient with your fly casting – I’m happy to help the best I can. I offer Fly Casting Lessons (see below) in addition to Shore Guided Trips and Kayak Fishing trips. For boat trips I can make recommendations to the top guides around the Cape & Islands based on what you’re looking for.

Shore Guided Trips

Shore guided trips are tailored to a location, time of season and the species we’re pursuing. Tackle can be provided as needed. We focus on light tackle and fly fishing. Half Day and Full Day options exist and these make for a great gift for the angler in your life – contact for rates and additional information. Advance your learning curve and learn new waters around the Cape and Islands.

Kayak Guided Trips

Kayaks allow anglers to get into places that boats simply can’t. In the past decade, the advances in the technology for kayak angling has changed considerably. Learn the best launch spots, tides and areas to concentrate while fishing from your kayak. Based on your skill level we’ll adjust to make it a rewarding and productive trip.

Boat Trips

With relationships with captains and guides cross the Northeast, Our Fishing Lives can point you in the right direction to a captain that will get you on the fish. Tuna, Bass, Blackfish, whatever it may be we know the premiere captains in the region and based on your party size and skill level we can pair you with the correct captain.

Fly Casting Instruction

In my youth, I had the good fortune of learning how to cast from someone I looked up to and was lucky to work and learn from fly fishing pioneer Lou Tabory. It was during this time when we would teach students in the fly fishing classes that I honed my skills on how to teach and break down the parts of a successful fly cast into simple terminology. In the years I spent behind tackle shop counters, whether speaking with anglers or giving lessons, there’s always a way we can aspire to be more consistent and simplify the process; from knots to double hauls to fly selection.

You can contact me, Patrick O’Donnell, at OurFishingLives@gmail.com to setup a two hour lesson. The first hour we’ll spend on dry land, going over how to make the rod do the work, how to avoid “wind knots” and improve timing and concepts like the “bookshelf.” We’ll go over knots, how the fly line is constructed, and really take a broad look at the major components that make up the cast. The second hour will hit the water. We’ll talk about breaking down water into manageable pockets, understanding wind and how to use it to your advantage, fly selection, line selection, and pay attention to how you can use the water to help casting with water hauls, roll-casts and mends.

After a lesson you’ll be casting better and have a better understanding of the equipment and I can help point you in the right direction for making your first purchases.

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.”